What is TABI FUN?

※This article has been translated by machine.

TABI FUN is a media to TABI with you from beginning to end of TABI.

The word "TABI (journey)" differs slightly from nuance in "travel" in Japanese.
Going to a fixed place and doing the fixed things is a trip and traveling, TABI (travel) sometimes has a way to get down, an unexpected experience and various encounters.

We want to stay close to TABI of everyone who comes to Japan.
There are various walls when thinking about going to TABI. For example, we have been thinking about how we can get rid of these barriers to our TABI, such as language, culture, ever-changing situation.

One answer is TABI FUN.

I will communicate the information of each place in other languages ​​correspondence and deliver the present of Japan to everyone.
I hope that you will be of help if you think that you should go on a trip.

TABI more closely
" Media to TABI with you Media "


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