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Lawson selling medicines

Do you know of any convenience stores that sell medicines?
There are many convenience stores in Japan, but only a few of them sell medicines. I think most convenience stores that sell medicine are Lawson.

I have never seen them at 7-Eleven or Family Mart. There may be some stores that sell medicines, but I have not seen any medicines, although I have seen supplements. This time, I would like to introduce a few medicines found at Lawson near Yokohama Station.

Lawson selling medicines

"くすり(medicines)” is displayed at the entrance of the store and on the signboard. Stores that do not have these signs do not sell medicines.

Some of the medicines found at Lawson

The medicines handled vary from store to store, Some stores sell a variety of medicines just like a pharmacy.

Here are a few medicines that are well known to the Japanese!

※There are my recommendation but I am not a pharmacist,  just for reference.

Fever medicine


Recommended for headaches and menstrual cramps.
Especially, these are popular for Japanese woman.

Cold medicine

ルルアタック and ベンザブロック

Popular cold medicine.
Effective for fever, throat, runny nose, and other cold symptoms.


Recommended for rhinitis and hay fever.

Medicines that sell well in spring because many Japanese people suffer from hay fever.


For sore throats.
The fact that you can drink it without water is also popular.

"Ryukakusan candy" sold at convenience stores are also popular among Japanese.


Eye drops

Depending on the store, in addition to regular eye drops, there were also those that could be used over contact lenses and eye-specific cleaning solutions.

太田胃酸 and パンシロン

Standard stomach medicines popular among Japanese. Recommended when your stomach does not feel well due to overeating or drinking.



コーラック and コーラックⅡ 
Laxatives are especially popular among women. If you take it at night before going to bed, you will feel refreshed the next morning.


Antipruritic. Poultices and muscle relievers. Disinfectant solutions were also available.
Among them, I recommend...
Good for insect bites. Liquid and cream types are available.

Note the sales hours!

Even if it is handled by a convenience store that is open 24h, there are still only a few stores where you can buy it 24 hours a day. I found near Yokohama station was open from 7:00 to 22:00. Be especially careful when buying late at night or early in the morning.

It's very useful please make use of it when you are in trouble!


LAWSON where you can buy medicine near Yokohama station.

・LAWSON Tsuruya-cho Store (ローソン鶴屋町店)

 About 10 minutes walk from Yokohama Station

・LAWSON Yokohama Sky Building (ローソン横浜スカイビル店)

 The building in Yokohama Station that houses YCAT, the airport limousine   bus stop.


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