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【Recommended toilet information】 Maronie gate in Ginza[Machine translation]

I use toilets anywhere I go.

That's why why do not you want to go to the cleanest toilet?

I will introduce a beautiful toilet in Japan!

Tokyo Marronnier Gate Ginza

It is about 5 minutes on foot from JR Yurakucho station and the Marronnier Gate.

There are three buildings with Marronnier Gate 1 to 3, of which 2 and 3, PRINTEMPS GINZA was renamed, part of the store changed, grand opening in March 2017.

We are introducing the toilet on the 3rd floor of Marronnier Gate 2.

The building itself seems to have not changed, but the toilet was very beautiful.

It is beautiful enough to enter inside and to be confused for a moment!

White is in keynote, electricity like the chandelier on the ceiling.

Interior decoration that I thought "It's toilet here, is not it

The washstand which wash hands was also white and new, and the mirror was also made sharp.

In addition, there was also a dresser corner where you can sit down for makeup.

There is a sense of cleanliness inside the toilet, the latest type.

It was very beautiful.

Since it is a public toilet, there is also a disinfectant (photo left side) that disinfects the toilet bowl.

Since it is a spray type, spray it on the toilet paper and wipe it.

There is also a Otohime(upper side of the picture) for people who are interested in sound because of etiquette.

The official name of Otohime is said to be a toilet imitation device.

Toilet flushing and washlets are electrically operated so they can be operated with the switch (center of the picture).

It is a beautiful toilet comparable to the hotel.

When sightseeing in the vicinity of Ginza and Yurakucho, please use it.

Detailed information

Name: Marronnier Gate 2

Address: 3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Access: 4 minutes on foot from JR Yamanote Line "Yurakucho" station central gate / Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Ginza 1 chome" station 2 minutes on foot / Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line · Ginza Line · Hibiya Line "Ginza" station C8 Exit from 2minutes

Website: http: //ginza2.marronniergate.com/ (English translation switchable from Japanese page)


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