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"Sunscreen" you should buy in Japan!

In Japan it is very hot in summer. August is the hottest month of the year and most region of Japan are very humid in the summer. Protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before going out. To take effective ultraviolet ray measures in advance when going out and so on.

SPF(Sun Protection Factor)

When choosing a sunscreen, first of all, isn't this SPF number checked? The same is true in Japan.

PA(Protection Grade of UVA)

In Japan, the cut rate of UVA is described as "PA +++”. 

The higher the number of "+", the higher the UV cut rate.

Products that can block UVA overseas are written as "Broad spectrum", so this PA + notation may not be familiar. When you buy sunscreen, let's check PA firmly along with SPF.

Also want to check the following

It is written that gentle on your skin products, "hypoallergenic", “fragrance-free”, "Anti-acne prescription”, “mineral based”, "purescreen" If you always like gentle on your skin when you buy sunscreen, naturally you would like to choose gentle on your skin ones ones better. It will be almost safe if you remember the following;



・Anti-acne prescription="ノンコメドジェニック処方”



What is the recomended sunscreen?

I recommend you to use SPF 50 sunscreen for maximum benefit. Popular sunscreens in Japan below.

Absolutely don't want to get a suntan

 1. ANESSA / SHISEIDO (アネッサ/資生堂)
Best for sport!It’s my favorite sunscreen. ULtimate beautiful sunscreen reapplication! From milk type to gel type.
・Outsatanding sun Protection
・Non stickiness
・Light texture
・No whitishness
・No squeakiness
There is also a spray type. Convenient to carry.
Small but strongest UV protection.

・Pouch size

・You can also buy at convenience store.

From those who never want to get a suntan to those with sensitive skin. Also good for child!  *Excludes newborns



Details: http://anessa.shiseido.co.jp

2. ALLIE / Kanebo(アリー / カネボウ)

Sunscreen as popular as ANESSA!!

Top class sunscreen that withstands harsh environments.

From milk type to gel type.



・Water proof

・Can be dropped with soap.

・May also be used as primer

Here's Gel type; No whitishness and easy to use.

Details: https://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/allie/about-allie/

3. Biore UV Athlizm / KAO (ビオレUV アスリズム / 花王)

Top class sunscreen that Resistance to high temperature and high humidity among Bioré UV series products. Moist Touch essence that makes skin feel smooth after applying.


◆ Ultra waterproof (water resistance tested in water for 80 minutes)

◆ Comes off with soap

◆ May also be used as primer

◆ White Floral scent (contains natural fragrances)

◆ Anti-acne prescription(non-comedogenic)

Details: https://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/allie/about-allie/
An Affordable price and easy to use

 Good sunscreen that you can buy for less than 1000 yen!

1. Biore UV / KAO(ビオレUV / 花王)

World's first Micro Defense formula. Unbelievably light even after reapplying or double-layering! A watery essence with translucence that blends onto skin.

A translucent finish that adheres and doesn't appear white.


・ Ultra waterproof (water resistance tested in water for 80 minutes)

・ Comes off with soap

・ May also be used as primer

・ Gentle white muguet scent

・ Free of colorants

・ Anti-acne prescription (non-comedogenic)

Details: https://www.kao.co.jp/bioreuv/microuv/

2. Suncut / KOSE(サンカット / コーセー)

SUNCUT sprays has been number one for seven years in a row! Light and translucent Suncut spray offers full-body UV protection, from the roots of your hair to the tips of your fingertips, whatever you are doing!


・It's so easy to reapply

・Unbelievably Light and fresh

・Can be used upside down

Details: http://www.suncut-uv.com/#page1

3. NIVEA Sun / KAO (ニベア サン/花王)

Sun protection with high skin care effect. Not only from UV rays but also from dry to firmly protect the bare skin. Sweat and water resistant care UV milky gel.


・ Non stickiness

・ Light texture

・ for all skin types

・ super waterproof

・ fragrance-free and Free of colorants

・ Comes off with soap

Details: https://www.nivea.co.jp/products/kommichaku-49013013475100052.html

4. MENTURM the Sun PUV essence / OMI Brotherhood(メンタームザサンPUVエッセンス/ 近江兄弟社)

Block UV rays for a long time with the strongest UV cut. Gel type sunscreen with plenty of water.


・ water proof

・ fragrance-free and Free of colorants

・ Comes off with soap

・ May also be used as primer

・ Contains 7 plant extracts

Details: http://www.omibh.co.jp/items/uv_zasan02.html#zasan_puve

Recommended for sensitive skin

1. Curel UV Protection Milk / KAO(キュレル / 花王)

The Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extract penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum to replenish Ceramide loss in skin. Silky light texture leaves skin smooth, comfortable and thoroughly moisturized. Suitable for babies 2 months and above.



・fragrance-free and free of colorants

・Anti-acne prescription (non-comedogenic)



・No added alohol

Details: https://www.kao.com/jp/curel/crl_uvlotion_00.html

2. SUNMEDIC UV / SHISEIDO(サンメディックUV / 資生堂)

It is a sunscreen medicine skin care prescription. No additives, comfortable to use for people who are not good at sun protection. Protect your precious skin from strong UV rays.


・ water proof

・ hypoallergenic

・ fragrance-free and free of colorants

・ Anti-acne prescription (non-comedogenic)

・ purescreen

Details: http://medical.shiseido.co.jp/sunmedic/


How was it?
Even if you need to buy sunscreen in Japan, you can shop without any problems! Although, be careful when using sunscreens that you have never used before. It will be safe to bring a familiar sunscreen! There are many types of sunscreens and easy to use ones in Japan.You will surely find something that suits you!


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