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We will provide you with useful petit information for visitors to Japan. May your trip to Japan be more comfortable!

Where is Suica(Pasmo) sold?

Answer: Train stations, not convenience stores.

Ex) Minatomirai Line Ticket Vending Machine

In addition, Suica can top up at station ticket vending machines and convenience stores. Both are cash only and credit cards are not accepted. Top up Suica at convenience stores is possible at ATMs as well as at cash registers.

What is the difference between the Welcome Suica and Suica cards?

There are two types of Suica!

“Welcome Suica cards” have a usage period of 28 days and aren’t charged a deposit fee when purchased. You can take the card home with you as a souvenir after you use it. Welcome Suica cards for travelers are available at a limited number of locations. If you want one, get a Welcome Suica card first when you arrive in Japan. 
“Suica cards” do not have a limited usage period, but a 500-yen deposit is required to purchase a card.

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Welcome Suica cards:

Can you buy train tickets with your credit card?

Answer_Cannot buy. Almost exclusively cash.

Ex) Mintomirai line ticket

Credit cards are accepted on special trains such as the Shinkansen and trains bound for airports, but are often not accepted on conventional (regular) trains. JR lines allow you to buy tickets with a credit card. However, not all stations allow you to purchase tickets, and many still do not. Most non-JR line trains are not available, so you need cash to buy tickets.


What do you do if your smartphone battery is about to run out when you are out?

Answer_Rent a charger from ChargeSPOT.

Chargers and cords are available at convenience stores, but we recommend renting a charger from ChargeSPOT. You can rent a portable mobile battery from the nearest ChargeSPOT, charge it while traveling, and return it to another ChargeSPOT. For example, you can rent a battery in Tokyo and return it in Osaka. Many locations are available at convenience stores, train stations, hotels, etc. Registration is easy! Just download the app, scan the QR code, and enter the required information. It's very useful and you should try it!

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