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Don't miss "826 (Basil) Day"! ~ BASIL Group ~

Popular store BASIL in Yokohama has started LINE.

With the introduction of LINE, it has become even more convenient and the opportunities to use BASIL have increased.

BASIL proactively distributes deals and coupons to LINE friends on a regular basis.

If you use LINE, you can enjoy BASIL more effectively than ever.

This is one of the best BASIL events! Introducing "826 (Basil) Day".

Do you know 826 (BASIL) day?

The 8th and 26th of every month is "826 (Basil) Day".

BASIL day☆

Only LINE friends can enjoy popular menu at a special price!

The menu varies from store to store, but "826 Day" is amazing!

I also have BASIL on the 8th and 26th of every month.

Check LINE for information on 826(basil) day!

Limited quantity menu, so we recommend that you go out early.

Let's take a look!

Don't miss "826(BASIL) Day!"

As the 8th and 26th of each month approaches, users with registered friends will be notified.

You can check the menu of each store from the timeline.


I'm happy to enjoy BASIL's popular menu at this price.

The following is an example, but we would like to introduce the 826 day menu at each store.

*826 day menu is changed regularly

1. Charcoal grill basil

Go to charcoal BASIL if you like steak!

At Charcoal, we enjoyed the "Sirloin steak" for 550 yen!

I got half the usual price!

The volume is perfect and the appearance and taste are very satisfying.

Also, when you can enjoy "100% beef hamburger steak" for 550 yen!

It's too cheap, if you like meat, don't hesitate to go to charcoal.

I would like you to try delicious meat.

2. Wine stand

Stylish wine bar in Minato mirai.

The popular menu at the wine stand, "Angus beef steak," 550 yen!

Half the usual price.

My favorite menu I always order when I go to the wine stand.

Not to mention the volume, I am glad that you can enjoy it at this price in Minatomirai.

It is also recommended for girls' meetings and dates.

3. Trattoria Bashamichi

Trattoria Bashamichi where you can enjoy authentic Italian food at a reasonable price.

20% off course menu for 826 days.

However, it is limited to reservations from LINE.

The drinking party on the 826th day is decided to be a trattoria!

Besides, for 826 days only, your favorite "pizza" will be 550 yen! 


Quattro Formadge

Pizza of the same size as usual.

And you can order as many as you want!

It's all 550yen. Be careful not to overeat (laughs)

4. Trattoria Noge

Trattoria where you can enjoy authentic Italian food at a reasonable price.

On 826th day, Trattoria's popular pasta "Homemade Bolognese" is ¥550!

The normal price is 1,280 yen, but less than half the price on this day.

This is also a reservation only from LINE, but for Noge Trattoria, the course reservation for 826 days will be 20% off.

The drinking party on the 8th and 26th is decided to be basil!

5. Italian basil

The first store of basil. A shop with abundant food that goes well with wine.

Here, the popular menu "Parmigiano finish risotto" is 550 yen!

It was half the usual price. It's delicious~

On the 826th day, you can enjoy a Lambrusco bottle for half the normal price of 1,400 yen!

For 826 days, check LINE and go out!

6. Ombra basil

The store is small but Ombra is always crowded with customers.

Here you can enjoy a bottle of wine for half the normal price of 1,400 yen!

Bottled wine at this price. It's too cheap...

It's a limited quantity, so it's recommended to go out early.

I'm worried about which store to go to each time, but I'm happy that I can check in advance if I register as a friend.

Two coupons that can be used for one 826 day are included, so we recommend basil ladder.

Great value and delicious! it's the best.


Double points on 826 day!

If you register as a friend on LINE, you can also use point cards that can be used at all BASIL stores.

Stamp cards usually have 1 point for each visit, regardless of the amount of money, but on the 826th day, the points are doubled!

You will be given a QR code for your point card at the time of checkout, so be sure to read it.

The method is the same at every store, so be sure to read the QR code at the time of payment.

*8 points will be given a QR code for 2 points

If you collect 10 points, you can get a 500 yen coupon.

How was it?

Let's all join the LINE friends and go out for 826 days!

Detailed information



Business hours: 12:00~22:00


Business hours: 12:00~22:00


Business hours: 11:30~21:00

・TRATTORIA BASIL (Noge) *Planned to resume business from June 16, 2020

Business hours: 16:00~22:00

・TRATTORIA BASIL Bashamichi (Bashamichi)

Business hours: 11:30~22:00


Business hours: 16:00~22:00


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