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Enjoy autumn with Japanese food! Kaiseki cuisine to eat in Omotesando[Machine translation]

This time, we had Japanese Japanese kaiseki at Omotesando in Tokyo.

We will introduce the state of lunch kaiseki using autumn material!

Secretly fashionable cityscape

Famous brands, stylish shops and Omotesando where office buildings line up.

The Japanese restaurant "gatou" on the first floor of the building is the shop I saw this time.

There was an entrance of the shop quietly in the middle of a big building.

The stairs that descended to the basement had flowers decorated beautifully.

If you look carefully, the staircase is covered with materials reminiscent of tatami and you will feel "harmony".

It is a picture from the shop entrance, the inside of the shop, but there is a feeling.

The shop had a counter seat, too.

There is also a private room and you can enjoy your meal slowly in a calm atmosphere.

Kaiseki cuisine that can enjoy the taste of autumn

This time we can choose 2 drinks for the contents of 7 items course.

Although it was a special plan of the ikyu.com Restaurant, it was able to reserve the contents equivalent to 6,200 yen equivalently as 3,900 yen.

I made the first cup of drink, a toast to sparkling wine!

Assorted appetizers! It was served in the kiree and the tension went up! !

It seems that the ginkgo biloba and the leaves of the ginkgo biloba attached to the decoration are in autumn.

In the upper left chrysanthemum, the acidity of ponzu sauce was refreshing.

Under the ginkgo in the upper right, it is fried lotus root. The crunchy texture was fragrant and tasty.

There is also lotus root rice under the bowl of lotus root, which was also good taste here.

In the middle, fried eggs and fried eggs of chicken meat, bottom right is a shellfish.

It is delicious that the body is pre-prepped with the mussel! !

And what is cheese at the bottom left. A chopped yellow pickled radish is included and a collaboration between "Japanese food" and "Western food"! It was very tasty.

making was tuna and snapper sashimi.

The attached radish imagined a ginkgo, and it has been cut out, and the arrangement has been devised!

Sashimi was fresh and sake proceeded.

Three items were sweet breams in the barbecue. Sweet snake is also a seasonal fish in autumn!

Grilled soy sauce, sweet taste. It was a feeling that the taste became more mellow when I got the attached Mioga.

We finished drinking the first sparkling, and made the second wine to white wine.

Subsequently, simmered dish was a turnip. Rice and autumn are delicious seasons.

To a large and respectable turnip, you will be accompanied by sweet miso with chicken!

The colors of spinach also complement the serving.

It was fresh and tasty!

The item deep-fried is tempura. Mai Mushrooms and Peppers.

Mushrooms and season are autumn is not it.

Freshly fried and crisp! It was salty, enjoying the taste of the vegetables, it was nice to have a little salty!

Tightened meals, shako entered rice.

Pickles and miso soup will be served.

The fruit of pepper and pepper is put on rice.

When eating with rice, the spicyness of Japanese peppers is accented and tasty!

Shako was also very tasty.

Dessert is an apricot pudding.

Mellow mellow sweetness was delicious dessert.

In the end, you can choose coffee or tea.

I'm full!

Although the number of items was large even at lunch with all seven items, Japanese food kaiseki think that I can eat even women because there is not much volume of one item.

I enjoyed one item at a time, deliberately enjoying the taste and dishes.

It was a very satisfactory content!

This time it was content using autumn ingredients, but in "gatou" we can have kaiseki using ingredients tailored to the season, so I think that it is recommended for people who want to enjoy Japanese food.

Detailed information

Name: gatou

Address: 5-51-6 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Terraasios Aoyama B1

Access: 3 minutes walk from Omotesando subway subway station B2 / 10 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station / 15 minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station

Phone Number: 03-3406-0990

Opening Hours: ■ Lunch 11:30 ~ 15:00 (LO 13:30)
 ■ Dinner Weekday 18:00-23:00 (Entering Store 21:00, LO 22 00) / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 17:30 ~ 22:30 (Entering Store 20:30, LO 21:30)

Closed holiday: no breakfast

Service fee: dinner only 10%, table charge 1000 yen (now basic course booked In case of room designation it is free.)

Website: http://www.gatou.com/ (only Japanese)


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