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Pancake Tours 2017 Challenge ~ Part 1 ~ [Machine translation]

Hi, I'm Hashimoto. It's a pancake addiction recently!

I got the information that the event "Pancake Tours 2017" will be held for a short period of 1 month from July 1st - 31st, 2017. And I rushed into this information.

Unbearable plan for pancake lovers

Pancake Tours Official Website (http://pancaketours.com/)

This event is held every year by the sweet blogger's "Amaikeiki(あまいけいき)" produced.
This year, 10 stores will be selected with the theme of "super-fluffy pancake", and limited pancakes will be sold at each store.

During the event period you will eat a limited pancake at the target store and push it onto this stamp rally card. And it is a plan to get pancake straps when winning 5 stores and winning all 10 stores!

After the event, offering straps at some participating stores will offer you special services! ! !
There were stores that I wanted to go to at 10 stores, so I challenged on this occasion!
However, it is truly ten stores in one month are tough, so ... target 5 stores are going to win! ! 

Visit the second time! 3 STARS PANCAKE

The challenge for the first store was the second visit to the store 3 STARS PANCAKE.
This shop is in Musashi Kosugi of Kawasaki city.

This is a new shop freshly opened in December 2016, but it is a very popular shop.
Fashionable and delicious pancakes are happy to be eaten in Kanagawa without going to Tokyo! Moreover, since it is not a chain store, it is a special feeling that there is a pancake that can only be eaten at this shop.

This place is located near Musashi Kosugi Station.

Limited pancake during the pancake tours period is "Mango and coconut hot sweet pancake" 1,600 yen (tax included).

In a fluffy pancake, mango custard and coconut ice!
Mingo fruit also complements delicious!
The refreshing sourness of mango matches sweetness, tasty~~~!

The fluffy pancake dough does not accumulate!
Dough seems to melt when you are in your mouth.
It was tasty and I ate it with pelori.

The inside of the store (kitchen) is like this.

The first water to be served at this store is fruit water. It is fashionable! I make slightly taste and scent as I make fruits in water.

For reference, when I visited the first visit, I got the spring limitation "Sakura smelling spring pancake".

Pancakes had dumplings attached. It is innovative!
It was a pancake that felt cherry cream and sum well in Tanba's black bean and Ice cream of Kinako powder.
It was a very tasty pancake with Japanese and Western collaboration.

The classic pancakes at this store are "Three-star Pancake" and "Fruit plenty cream brulee pancake", but since it always develops a very attractive limited pancake, it is only eaten at that time I do not want to challenge limited pancakes.
(I still have not eaten a classic pancake ... ... (^^ ゞ)
If you go to Musashi Kosugi, it is a shop of recommendation!


Address: 128-1 Shiunotsubo Nakahara-ku Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Prima SK201
Phone number: 044-948-9218
Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00-20: 00 (LO 19: 00)
Closed holiday: Monday
Homepage: 3 STARS PANCAKE Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/3starspancake/ )


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