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Gluten-free pancakes at Urasando " Rizlab kitchen ''[Machine translation]

Do you know "Urasando Garden"?

It is a place that was renovated and opened in March 2016.

There are some shops in the garden, but I went there as there is a popular pancake shop!

"Urasando Garden" which is really on the "back"

Take the A2 exit of Omotesando subway station to the Apple Store.

Enter "Hara Nihondori" next to it.

Proceed straight to the end. On the left is FLYING TIGER.

Turn left at the end. When you bend it looks like this.

Go a little further and turn right.

Go straight and you will find "Happy Pancake Omotesando" on your left.

Go further and turn left before Tonkatsu "Maisen".

It gradually becomes a back street from the main street.

At the crossroads, turn right this time.

If you turn right, it becomes a very narrow road. I'm worried, "Are you really here?"

After a short walk, you will find a parking area on your left.

After entering this parking lot, go straight to the right hand side is Urasando Garden.

It is convinced that the old house was renovated and made.

Although it is an old building, it was made to feel Japan.

Gluten-free pancakes!

There are several shops in Urasando Garden, and you can eat at the shared seat if you order.

It looks like a food court.

Indoors look like this.

The other shops were not vacant yet, but ...

There were terrace seats outdoors. It seems pleasant to eat outdoors in summer.

The “Riz Labo Kitchen” we visited this time opened at 11:00.

However, the entrance was vacant after 11 o'clock ...

Where it wasn't exactly 11 o'clock, you can feel the slow flow of time at the old private house cafe.

The shop has a counter, so you can eat it at the counter seat.

First, place an order, pay, pick your own seat, sit down and wait.

You will be given a number tag when ordering.

Memorable "No.1"! !

Waiting about 15 minutes. Pancakes have been delivered! !

Plain pancake! It is 1,500 yen with a drink.

Drinks can be selected from coffee, organic tea, and third year tea.

Plain pancakes are white and fluffy! It is jiggle.

The fresh cream enhances the pancakes.

I put the syrup and whats it!

The dough uses rice flour instead of flour, so it's gluten-free!

It was very light and fluffy.

My friend went to eat green tea pancakes!

The fabric is the same, but the bitterness of matcha powder is an accent!

Anko is not too sweet and mellow! I feel Japanese.

The fluffy pull-up was very delicious.

And I'm glad to be gluten-free and healthy.

The pancakes introduced this time are regular menus, so you can eat them anytime.

Limited pancakes are available depending on the season! (However, the quantity is quite small ...)

Urasando Garden behind the fashionable town "Omotesando"! I would recommend it!

Detailed information

Name: Riz Labo Kitchen

Address: 4-15-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Urasando Garden 1F

Phone Number: Private

Opening Hours: 11:00-17:00 (Last Order 16:00) 30 minutes)

Regular holiday: Monday

Website: (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/Rizlabo/

(Tabe log)https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1306/A130602/13204422/


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