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Let's go to Toyama to eat Toyama's soul food: Winter Japanese Amberjack and Black Ramen

Speaking of winter specialties in Hokuriku, it is a cold shovel of Himi.

Hokuriku area's famous food in winter is Winter Japanese Amberjack where can fish at Himi.

It can eat in Tokyo, but it is too expensive; we can not eat so much.

Every year, that event report in television, newspaper, etc... but they did not tell us exact date. Just tell us about "You can eat it from December!". If you desire to eat it, you may have to make reservation to the restraunt. 

I ate it by course in Himi

This time, I visit "Himihama" where is in Himi. That restraunt was show on television.

To get there, I walk about 15 minutes to Himi fishing port direction from JR Himi Station.

In front of restraunt, can see Japan sea.

In the menu, have rice bowl, sashimi...etc, that price is from 2000JPY. But I went to there to eat Winter Japanese Amberjack so this time I book "Burishabu" course. Price is depend on fishing result, but usually from 10000JPY.

Now, I start "Burishabu" course.

First, clerk serve me some small bowls and sashimi(fishes are in season).

They wrote what kind of fish on paper.

Then grilled Japanese amberjack with salt,

Japanese Amberjack sashimi,

Radish with Japanese amberjack.

Usually we could not eat fatty Japanese amberjack sashimi.

I am almost happy.

And finally, Himi Shabu and Himi udon(it is famous for Himi's soul food).

At Himihama, use exclusive part Japanese amberjack, weight is more than 10kg.

It is expensive bit, but have a lot of food in this course so you should not eat anything before you eat it.


Kitamaebune is used from Edo period to Meiji era.

Usually leave Osaka in the end of March, and go through Setonaikai sea, and Japan sea with doing business, and arrive Hokkaido by the end of May. Leave Hokkaido in the end of July, and while go to Osaka, they do business, and finally they arrive to Osaka by begin November.

In Toyama, you can see Mori's house who made big money by Kitamae ship.

Important culutual property Former Mori's House

The former Mori's house is located in Toyama City Higashi-Iwase Omachi Street.

Iwase Town has developed as a port town stadium town behind the bank of the Jinzu River, and it is where I left the old streets flourished by the Kitamae ship.

Iwase town was developed as port town behind Jintsu river. It still have old(When Kitamaebune was arrive) town look.

It is 21 minutes from Toyama Station by using Toyama Light Rail(Bound Iwase-Hama Station) and walk 12 minutes from Higashi Iwase Station.

The opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on the year-end and New Year holidays only, the admission fee is 100 yen for adults and less than high school students for free.

Walk around Toyama station

At the end, I walk around Toyama station.

In front of Toyama station, tram is running. In Japan, tram is not common.

Toyama city local museum is located where I walked about 10 minutes from the south exit of Toyama station.

It is small museum, but there has Toyama Castle, so you can know the history of Toyama Castle.

The opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on the year-end and New Year holidays only, the admission fee is 210 Yen for adults and less than high school students for free.

Well, it is Toyama's famous food, Toyama black ramen. The soup is black as its name suggests.

There are several shops around Toyama station, so please eat.


Name: Himihama

Location: 21-15 Himi-cho, Himi-shi, Toyama, Japan

Business hours: 12:00 PM-10:00 PM

Phone number: 0766-74- 7444 (reservation required)

Parking: Yes

Official website: http://www.himihama.com/index.html

Name: Former Mori house

Location: 108 HigasiIwase-cho, Toyama City, Toyama, Japan

Toyama City Homepage: http://www.city.toyama.toyama.jp/kyoikuiinkai/shogaigakushuka/morike.html

Name: Toyama City local Museum

Official website: http://www.city.toyama.toyama.jp/etc/muse/index.html


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