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World heritage which was operated for 115 years from the Meiji era! Tomioka Silk Mill[Machine translation]

It contributed greatly to the prosperity of the silk industry by the Tomioka Silk Mill that was born in Meiji, Japan proprietary automatic Steering machine.

In addition to the Tomioka silkworks that was involved in prosperity, the Tajima Yahei old house, Takayama corporate site and Arafune Hole are "Tomioka Silk industry and Silk industrial heritage group "It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.

This time, this Tomioka Silk Mill and Ashikake Flower Park Winter Illuminations in a bus tour to observe.

Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination Please see this article.

Enhanced tour guide

Access to the Tomioka silk mill was a bus this time, but in the case of a train, it is about 10 minutes on foot from Joshu Line "joshuTomioka station".

However, as the number of trains seems to be small, the car may be useful as well.

Get off the bus from the parking lot and go through the shopping street and you will see the entrance to the Tomioka Silk mill.

Pay the visit fee at the entrance and enter.

The fee for adults is 1,000 yen for adults, 900 yen for adults if it is a group (over 20 people) fee.

There is also a fee for lent voice guidance machines and guided tours by commentators as guidance at various places in the facility.

In addition, some voice guides could be heard for free on their own smartphones. This also corresponded to other languages.

Since we were a group, commentators introduced and explained us.

Depending on the building, there were places where we could not observe at present due to conservation repair work.

A wonderful building from the Meiji era

In front of the entrance is "Higashiokimayujo".

It is said that it was stored in Meiji 5 and stored dried cocoon.

The building seems that the framework is wood and the wall is brick.

It was in a beautiful state that I could not believe it was built in Meiji.

"Jokokan" is a residence of a French teacher hired to teach Japanese about Japanese skill tech.

It can be seen that the boards are assembled in a lattice on the ceiling of the veranda on the second floor, but this is said to be a feature not found in Japanese architecture at the time.

Next time I watched was "Soshijo". It is the place where the work to take raw silk from cocoon was done.

This building can be seen inside.

It is said that the installed machine is an automatic throwing machine after 1964.

It was a solid machine that seemed to start moving even now.

In addition, we were able to visit while receiving explanation, such as the building where the French who was hired as a clinic and leader lived.

It is all the buildings built more than 100 years ago, but because the preservation work is also done, everywhere, it remained very firmly.

Silk also sold

In the Higashiokimayujo, exhibitions of silk and sales of merchandise were also done.

In addition, cocoons and silkworms were also placed.

The silkworms were alive. (It was a bit scary ...)

In addition, it seemed that the demonstration of the work was seen depending on the time.

You can see that it is a historical building, a world heritage.

Potted pot of pass「Oginoya」

The lunch of the "Oginoya" famous for the rice pot of the pass was attached as a tour lunch.

There was time to go to the store of the Oginoya and we could also buy souvenirs.

It looks delicious. It is full-fledged in pottery!

In the parking lot of the shop there was also a big pot stand!

If it is a car, it is not too far from the Tomioka silk Mill, so how about enjoying both?

Detailed information

Name: Tomioka Silk Mill

Name: Tomioka Silk Mill

Website: http://www.tomioka-silk.jp.e.wv.hp.transer.com/tomioka-silk-mill/?_ga=2.7506741.648319184.1514629299-1507469654.1514093683

Name: Oginoya Drive in Yokogawa store

Address: Gunma Prefecture Annaka-shi Matsuida-machi 297-1

Website:http://www.oginoya.co.jp/oginoya02/index.html (only Japanese)


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