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Do you see the Naruto whirlpools from the ship? Walking and seeing?[Machine translation]

The whirlpool of Naruto famous for tourism in Shikoku.

This is the whirlpool that occurs in the Naruto Strait between Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture and Minami-Awaji-shi, Hyogo Prefecture.

In the event of a strong tide the diameter of the vortex reaches a maximum of 30 m.

If you are going to sightsee the Shikoku, it is one of the places you would like to see once, but do you see the whirlpool from the ship? Or will you watch it walk?

Wirlpool Sightseeing boats(seen from ship)

When seeing from a ship, the Wirlpool Sightseeing boats looks out. To go by the route bus to the platform of the Wirlpool Sightseeing boats,

1. From Naruto Park line to Tokushima Station to "Naruto Tourist Port" 1 hour 15 minutes

2. From Naruto Station to Naruto Park line, about 20 minutes from "Naruto Tourist Port"

It is a short ride from the bus stop "Naruto Tourist Port" to the boat's platform.

You can also go from Osaka or Kobe using a high - speed bus.

There are two types of ship.

The fare for "Wonder Naruto" of the large tide ship is 1,800 yen for adults and 900 yen for children (primary school students).

"AQUA EDDY" of a small underwater tidal wave boat has an underwater observation room where you can see the state of the vortex in the sea, the fare is 2,400 yen for adults and 1,200 yen for children (elementary school students).

 "AQUA EDDY" requires reservation.

For details, please check on the website of Wirlpool Sightseeing boats.

Go ahead with a ship and find a whirlpool!

As you go under the bridge, a splendid whirlpool is running around! It is quite impressive.

You can see other Wirlpool Sightseeing boats.

Uzu-no-michi(walking seeing)

To walk, you can walk from the 45 m above the whirlpool, walking along the Uzu-no-michi of the O-Naruto Bridge path.

The entrance to the Uzu-no-michi will arrive in 5 minutes on foot from Naruto Park.

It is business hours, but it is 9:00 ~ 18:00 in summer (March to September), 8:00 ~ 19:00 for GW and summer vacation, 9:00 ~ 17:00 for winter (from October to February) is.

Closed is the second Monday in March, June, September, December, fee is adult 510 yen, junior high / high school student 410 yen, primary school student 250 yen.

For details, please check on the website of the Uzu-no-michi.(Switch to multilingual display on homepage)

When the weather is nice, the O-Naruto Bridge is very beautiful.

I will start walking in parallel with the roadway.

The sidewalk is 45 meters above the vortex and it is a transparent panel from which you can see the vortex.

I needed a lot of courage to walk here and I could not get on the panel quite easily.

When the window is open, you can take photos more closely.

What you want to be aware

Be sure to check the tide tables when you go to see the whirlpools.

The tide chart shows the fastest current in the high tides (northern stream) and low tide (south stream) of the currents in the Naruto Strait.

It is best to go on a spring day.

Detailed information

Name:Wirlpool Sightseeing boats

Address:Tokushima prefecture Naruto city Naruto cho Arashima Prefecture large character hair 264-1


Official website:https://www.uzusio.com/en/ 



Official website:https://www.uzunomichi.jp/ (Switch to multilingual display on homepage)


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