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Squishy soap "Konjac Shabon" is good for souvenir in Japan!

Usually, soap is hard and color is white. But squishy like jelly soap name "Konjac Shabon" is selling in some shops, so I went to there.

What is "Konjac shabon"?

It is made from nature konjac potato's ingredients. It looks hard but when I touch it, feeling squishy so I think it is new feelings facewashing soap.

Tried wash my hands in the shop

Get off train at Kamakura station and walking Komachi street, I found a soap shop "Kamakura Konjac Shabon - Shinkomachi branch"(鎌倉蒟蒻しゃぼん 新小町店). At the front of shop, clark calling people where walking this street with good attitude, so I entered into this shop with no warries. At there, customer can try soap by wash their hands, so I tried it.

There has some kinds of soap name:"Kin"(Gold - Moisty and luster), "Kome"(Moisty), "Sakura"(Clear skin), "Shobu"(Prevent from skin problem), "Sumi"(Fresh). So you can find out what soap will fit to you. All of soaps are Japanese cypress fragrance so you will feel good while you are using this. These soaps can use 1~1.5months if you use 2 times per day.

I used "Shobu" type soap. Grab it and give some water to my hand to whipping. I feel good and will become addict because it is squishy.


Clark told me about "You can compare result if you wash only one hands", so I washed only left hand. Above photo is representing that. In this photo, maybe it is difficult to compare, but compare with right hand, left hand becomes whiter. Whip is smoothy and moistured bit.

In "Kin(Moisture and Luster)" type soap, it include gold powder so you may exprerience luxuary life.

This soap is popular souvenir in Japan, and selling in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Okinawa and Hyogo area, about 15 shops. When you will visit these areas, you can try this soap at shop.

Name: Kamakura Konjac Shabon Kamakura Shinkomachi Branch(Expanding about 15 shops)

Address: 2-2-24 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

TEL: 0120-080-469(Cannot calling from outside of Japan)

Business Hours: 10:00 AM~6:00 PM

Access: Walk 1minute from JR Kamakura station east exit

Official website:http://konnyaku-shabon.com/


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