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People who want to see cherry blossoms quickly to "Matsuda's Sakura Festival"

"Matsuda Town" located away from the stylish "Yokohama" in Kanagawa Prefecture.

It has many mountains and greenery.

In this Matsuda town, "Kawazu cherry blossoms" which is early blooming cherry blossoms can be enjoyed from around February.

Festivals are also held according to the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

Matsuda's Sakura Festival

In 2018, this year's Matsuda cherry blossom festival is from February 10 (Sat) to March 11 (Sun).

The cherry blossoms are blooming, Nishiheira Park (climbing the hill of the Nishihirahatake park) which is at  half way of Mt. Matsuda.

As cherry blossoms are blooming in the middle of the mountain, so you can enjoy while climbing.

In case of train, the nearest station is JR Gotenba Line "Matsuda Station" or Odakyu Line "Shin Matsuda Station".

Shuttle bus take us from Matsuda station to the top of the mountain. It operates at 30-minute intervals and pay 150 yen for adults and 80 yen for children as fare.

However, as far as the summit is not so far, we recommend walking!

As you walk from the station there is a big mark, so it is easy to understand.

 We will climb the slope along which the houses line up.

I continue walk, but road becoming a narrow path more and more.

On the way, I also missed the shuttle bus.

 I got it! Here is the entrance for the car.

 In addition, there is a staircase for pedestrians when walking a little.

 Although it has become a steep stairway, since cherry blossoms are also blooming beautifully, let's do our best and climb!

 Cherry blossoms looking up while climbing

Because the cherry blossoms are in bloom in the mountains, you can climb while looking at beautiful cherry blossoms.

It was a time of best warranty, so walking in cherry blossoms in full bloom was truly amazing!

 In addition, the canola blossoms are also blooming in full bloom of cherry blossoms, the yellow collaboration of the cherry pink and the canola flower makes the cherry blossom festival even more gorgeous!

 When walking with such a beautiful flower, foot will also become light.

When the summit comes close, the view of Matsuda town seen from the cherry blossoms is also wonderful.

 At the Nishihirahatake Park, the event is also

 Nishihirahatake  Park at the summit.

Everyone enjoys the view from the cherry blossoms and the summit.

There was a resting place, so I rest in there.

 The view from the summit is very special! !

There are also various events at Nishihirahatake Park.

First of all, "Furusato Railway".

Miniature railroad runs in the park.

It costs fares, but it seems to be able to get on.

 Because I run in the cherry blossoms, I can have a fun experience!

 In addition, in the building, "Hanging dolls" was also exhibited according to the Hinamatsuri festival.

Hanging dolls are said to have started from the Edo period.

At that time, instead of being able to buy an expensive hina doll, it is said that handmade small dolls were made and hung.

Hanging dolls are cherished as an amulet, strawberries troubled us, dogs seem to have meaning to each doll such as birth or health.

It was decorated a lot in the facility and it was superb!

 All handmade. That's amazing.

 Hina dolls were also decorated.

The Matsuda's cherry blossom festival is full of various things such as light up during the period, there are experience studio !

Since information is also posted on the homepage of Matsuda Town, it is good to check and get an exclusive and special information.

The cherry trees blooming on the slope of the mountain were really beautiful and splendid!


 Looking back on the way back to the mountain, the mountain skin was pink.

The early blooming cherry blossoms can be seen from February to March.

There is still very nice so I absolutely recommend! ! !

Detailed information

Name: Matsuda Town Nishihirahatake Park

Address: Matsuda Soryo Matsuda Town, Ashigara-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 2951

Access: Approximately 20 minutes on foot from "Matsuda station" on JR Gotemba Line, about 25 minutes on foot from "Shin Matsuda station" on Odakyu line

Homepage: https: //town.matsuda.kanagawa.jp/ (Matsuda cho Official page)


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