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Overwhelmed by majesty, Buddha of Nara[Machine translation]

If you are a Japanese, you have visited once, Todaiji in Nara.

This time I want to worship the Great Buddha for a long time, and I have visited.

Start from Kintetsu Nara Station

When you exit the Kintetsu Nara station ticket gate, the exit to Todaiji Temple is written largely so you will not get lost.

In addition, there are tourist information offices in the station premises so it is safe.

When you leave the ground from the station, you will see the statue of the monk at once.

Let's walk along the national highway in the direction the monk is looking at.

On the way to Todaiji, there are lots of fun!

As I walk on the wide sidewalk along the national highway, it is already in Nara Park. There are maps everywhere.

Kofuku-ji is famous for its famous Asura statue.

Kofukuji is also registered as a world heritage, and there are many national treasures. If you have time, please drop by.

In addition, there are deer in Nara Park, and you can see the sitting at restfully.

After a short walk, you will see the Nara National Museum on your right.

Lots of national treasure exhibits are on display.

In the park, the deer is walking quietly, but such a note! ! !

There seems to be 4 Special Mortgage techniques, so please be careful!

In the upper right corner of the signboard there is also a multilingual travel guide.

As you walk, you can see a big intersection, the front is the approach entrance of Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

Kasuga Taisha is also a historical shrine registered as a World Heritage Site.

Turn left at the intersection and it is the entrance to Todaiji. You can see the big Nandaimon Gate in the back.

The national treasure Nandaimon Gate is close by

It is crowded with many tourists.

Nandaimon Gate looking up at the corner is tremendous force.

As you go through the gate, the Kongo Rikishi statue, a national treasure, is staring at here.

The role of the Kongo Rikishi statue is to prevent the enemy entering the shrine from invading.

This statue is "Azou" which opened his mouth.

This statue is "Unzou" with a closed mouth.

Everyone has noticed. The Japanese proverb "Breathing of Ahn" was born from these two statues.

Well, as you pass Nandaimon Gate, you will see the Middle Gate ahead.

When you go to the left side of the middle gate, you arrive at the entrance of the Great Buddha.

I will buy a ticket here and aim for the Great Buddha. Tickets for the Buddha statue are 500 yen for adults (junior high school students) and 300 yen for primary school students.

Then, there were guides corresponding to English, Chinese and Korean.

Finally arrive at the Buddha statue

The huge Buddha statue is the world's largest wooden building.

Since the national cultural festival was cleaned up, scaffolds can be seen on the left and right.

I did not notice when I came last time, but I could see a bronze lantern.

It is designated as a national treasure how it is said to be "Kondou Hakkaku Tourou".

Clean decoration is given.

As you walk, there is a good scent of incense. You can see Big Buddha very soon.

Overwhelmed by the majestic Buddha-like

No matter how many times you look at it, you will be breath-taking in majesty.

I am amazed by the construction technology that made such a large Buddha like a Nara era. It seems that the height is about 14.7 m.

Inside the Great Buddha, I will observe it in a clockwise direction. Then a golden big Buddha appears next door.

It is said that it is called "Akasagarbha".

On the left backwards, "Komokuten", one of the four heavenly kings, defends the Great Buddha.

The inflection of wood carvings is also rough, it is exactly the appearance that is suitable for the guardian god.

Looking at the large Buddha from the back, it is fixed firmly.

The latest technology is applied to be able to withstand a major earthquake.

On the right rear side of the Buddha, "Tamonten" is protecting as a guardian god.

The more you see it, the wood carvings with a wide variety of decorations are deep and you will not get tired of watching for hours.

Next, what you see on the right hand of Mr. Big Buddha is "Nyoirin Kanzazo ".

There seems to be a deep meaning to the golden statue sitting on the left and right of the Buddha.

This time was the 2nd visit to Todaiji Temple.

Both architecture and Buddha statue were full of highlights. Buddha statues are decorated in various ways.

Each of them will have implications.

In addition, hundreds of years ago, I also admired the technology I was able to build such architecture and Buddha statues.

Everyone please repeat, please visit Nara. I think there is definitely new discovery.

Finally "Deer rice cracker"

In Nara Park, deer rice crackers are sold everywhere, but somehow the deer does not look for deer rice crackers in the sales office.

But, strangely, if a human has deer crackers, it will come in a flock.

If you visit Nara Park, please try deer rice crackers by all means.

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Address:406-1 Shoji Town Nara City, 〒630-8587


Official website (Todaiji): http://www.todaiji.or.jp/english/index.html


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