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Jojakko-ji Temple's fresh green will stunning you!

There are many famous maple leaves in Kyoto. In other words, many green maple leave spots can be seen in the spring.

Compared to autumn, this season will experience less congestion, so you can enjoy the green maple leaves well.

This time, I visited “Jojakko-ji” in Sagano, Kyoto.

After walking through Togetsukyo Bridge from Hankyu Arashiyama Station, a bright green welcomed me.

"Let ’s go to Kyoto."

Introducing Kyoto, JR Tokai “Soda Kyoto, Iko. (Japanese site only)” In the early summer of 2011, “Jojakko-Ji” was introduced in the campaign.

The catchphrase at that time was “Japan's green color was found there”!

So my expectation that how it's beautiful now increase.

So, I arrived at the front gate in the morning before it's open. I can't wait to open the gate!

Now it comes opening time. Most of all sides are "brilliant green", so I'm getting excited.

It is almost like the VIP experience since I didn't see any people there.

The approaches are shown in the below picture! Nioumon is now able to see in the further.

When I look at the sky, I felt that the contrast with the blue sky is wonderful.

First notable place at there!

Now I approach to Nioumon. Although it doesn't look well in the picture, the Kongo Rikishi-Zo statue has a glimpse in both sides.

In front of the Nioumon Gate, we bow once then walk through that gate.

If you look at the right side, you will see the lantern stone that belongs to steps. This is the highlight of the first half, Sueyoshizaka.

On the left side, we could see the well-growed moss and firmly-rooted maple.

I experienced the breathtaking natural beauty so took a deep breath.

Next, I found the azalea flowers in the middle of the stairs to the main hall.

I put my hands together in the main hall.

Around the main hall has a lot of green maple leaves.

A black cat with good hair lay down comfortably.

Green maple leaves color is vivid.

From here, I could see the Arashiyama Area.

Aiming for the Tahoto Tower

Because there are many trees in the temple with up and down so you can walk comfortably.

The Tahoto pagoda is registered as the national treasure now able to see. And that is the highlight of the second half. It seems that it was built in the early Edo period.

I feel the unique atmosphere of wooden architecture.

From there, I went down the mountain and arrived at Sueyoshizaka hill.

It's beautiful no matter even if you look 100 times of this sight. This photo's angle is the same as the one used in the campaign photo of “Let's go to Kyoto.”

You can feel the vitality of the trees.

How do you think about the experience to see brilliant green in Jokoko-Ji Temple? The autumn leaves season is also wonderful, so don't miss out that visit in that season, too.

Please refer to this article to know about autumn leaves.

Detailed information

Name: Jojakko-Ji

Address: 3 Kokuramachi, Ogurayama, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto Japan

Phone: +81 75-861-0435

Official Homepage:

Admission fee: Adults ¥500

Admission time: 9:00-17:00 (16:30 reception closed)


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