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World-famous buildings in Umeda? [Machine translation]

Top 20 buildings in the world

The Umeda Sky Building was introduced by the Times UK in 2008 as one of the 20 Best Buildings in the World.

In the ranking, such buildings as "Sagrada Familia Church" and "Taj Mahal" are lined up.

I have lived in Osaka for 10 years and have never been there.

It was a degree of recognition that there is a building with an unusual shape.

This time, I went to "Umeda Sky Building's Floating Garden", which is popular with overseas visitors.

Access to Umeda Sky Building

I went from JR Osaka Station's "Bridge Exit" in 10 minutes on foot. You can walk from Hankyu / Umeda subway station in about 10 minutes.

"Bridge Exit" is the exit on the 3rd floor of JR Osaka Station, which is a key point with department stores and station buildings.

The central ticket gate on the 1st floor is heavily congested and the ticket gate is long, so it is not recommended until you get used to it.

Let's aim for Umeda Sky Building immediately.

As you exit the ticket gate, there is an information center on the right.

Guides are available in English, Korean and Chinese.

Aiming at the Umeda Sky Building, you will get off the escalator on the 3rd floor as shown in the photo.

As you go down the escalator, you can see the glittering Umeda Sky Building in front of you. The large building on the right is Grand Front Osaka.

Aiming in the direction of the arrow, you can see the Umeda Sky Building, which stands out.Enter the underpass from the right entrance.

As you walk through the underpass and up the stairs, you will see a silver shining building in front of you!

Arrived at Umeda Sky Building

On the first floor is the Mazda exhibition hall. The explicit version says "F Umeda Sky Building Observation Deck (Floating Garden)".

When you enter the front entrance, it looks like this.

I came to the elevator to aim for. It is a little more to the Floating Garden.

When you arrive on the 35th floor, you will see a floating garden on the left.

was! !

It is written as "Floating Garden", but there is an escalator.

It was a see-through escalator from the 35th floor to the 39th floor!

It's called "Aerial Escalator".

Looking outside, the building looks small.

Aim, Floating Garden!

Upon arrival on the 39th floor, there will be a reception.

Adults pay 1,500yen and board a regular escalator up to the 40th floor with an observation floor.

After seeing the Floating Garden MAP, I decided to go around the observation area.

By the window, what is the couple inside the box?

When I saw it as close as possible, it was a sofa.

When I sat down on the sofa, it was a good view! The night view will be beautiful too!

There was also a guide to sunset time, so you can see the twilight.

On the 40th floor, there were stylish sofas everywhere.

There is a shop called “Cafe Sky 40” where you can enjoy alcohol and snacks, so you can enjoy the night view slowly on the sofa.

Finally go to the rooftop skywalk

Climb the stairs from the 40th floor to the rooftop. If the stairs are tight, there is also an elevator so it is safe.

When you climb the stairs and walk on the skywalk, you will feel a sense of openness in the deep blue sky.

The whole area is covered with glass, and it seems that you can go around all around.

The aerial escalator seen from Skywalk was such a design.

It's a luxurious structure with a slope for the Floating garden.

On the north side, you can see the Yodo River. In summer, you can see "Yodogawa Fireworks Festival" from the building.

It's very popular and you need to apply for lottery. See the official website for details!

To the west, Osaka Bay extends at the mouth of the Yodo River. I want to see the night view.

Free WiFi can be used at Skywalk, so it is convenient to upload photos to SNS.

By the way, on the way back, we will go down on the "air escalator".

On the way back, look up at the building again. . . It was amazing.

Next time, I definitely want to go see the night view.

Detailed Information

Name: Umeda Sky Building

Address: 1-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-6039 Umeda Sky Building

Phone: 06-4440-3855


Price: Adults ¥1000, Junior high and high school students ¥700, Elementary school students ¥500, Infants ¥200, Senior ¥800

Opening hours: 9:30-22:30 (Last admission 22:00) * Others are subject to change according to season

Name: JR Osaka Station map

Homepage: Japanese)


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