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Experience Okonomiyaki Cooking at Otafuku Sauce's Classroom

In Japan, Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki can cook in their home, but it is not delicious as much as like restaurant.

In Otafuku Sauce, which is famous for Okonomiyaki sauce distributor, they have the cooking class. It is easy to join, and they will teach us how to cook Okonomiyaki/Takoyaki.

That company headquarter is located in Hiroshima prefecture, but they also have the office in Tokyo so that you can join to class in Tokyo.

These classes attendance fee are less than 1000 JPY(≒9USD), so you may not hesitate to join that!

Joined to Okonomiyaki cooking class

This time, I participate in basic Okonomiyaki class.

It is the primary target for the business person and held from 7 PM to 8:30 PM so I joined that class from after hours.

Attendance fee is 700 JPY(≒6.5USD) per person, and you just have to bring apron and sling(to cover your hair).

The classroom is located near Kiba station and named "Otafuku Tokyo Honbu Okonomiyaki Kensyu Center"(オタフク東京本部 お好み焼き研修センター), so you can walk there about 5 minutes from the station.

At that building, they have a basic class and for business class.

In the first floor, they have the shop, and you can see/purchase their items.

After you register and pay attendance fee at the cashier, move to the 2nd floor and let's get started!

First, you can see a model Okonomiyaki that cooked by the teacher

Utensil and ingredients are already put on each table.

Cabbages are already cut so you can cook Okonomiyaki from now!

This time, we use Okonomiyaki cooking set that distributed by Otafuku Sauce.

At first, the teacher teaches us Okonomiyaki basics and history of Otafuku Sauce and then demonstrate how to make Okonomiyaki.

The instructor will tell us how to cook Okonomiyaki with the fluffy inside and crunchy outside.

After you listen to the instruction, let's start cooking!

Each table starting to make with remembering instruction.

We are joined to this class with four members so split with two members, and make a dough.

Below of these pictures are taken by the writer.

Dissolve sauce(dashi) into the water, and mix well.
Put Okonomiyaki powder to make the dough.
Put dough and other ingredients...
And then, let's start to mix 'em.
Put a bunch of veggies but put only a few amounts of doughs so it will be healthy Okonomiyaki!

Finally, we are challenging to bake it

Put mixed dough into the pre-heated pan.
Extend the dough, but be aware to thickness. Don't make it too thin but don't make it too thick.
Once the dough becomes baked well, put meat and then turn it.
These technique needs to pay attention... and...
That dough turned over without collapse.
Put cover to the pan and continue to bake.
Each tables students are working hard!
When both side baked well, you can eat it!
Eat it with every student and the instructor!
You can try many kinds of sauce while eating Okonomiyaki.
Lastly, you can get gift from the class!
That gift contains Okonomyaki making kit and Yakisoba sauce. These items for remembering this lesson.
Optionally, you can get a small present if you upload this classroom's picture to SNS, such as Facebook or Instagram. At this time, I got Rakkyozuke(Pickled Shallots)!
I satisfied with this course because I enjoyed this experience and can eat good taste Okonomiyaki, also can get the gift.
While I'm writing now, they do not have the class for foreigners, but they might be set classroom depends on visitors to Japan.


Name:"Otafuku Tokyo Honbu" Wood Place
Address:Otafuku Tokyo Honbu Bldg. 5-6-11 Kiba, Koto-ku Tokyo Japan
Telephone: Okonomiyaki dept. in Tokyo branch. (OTAFUKU SAUCE CO., LTD.)
+81-3-5245-3714 (9:30 AM~6:00 PM: Only available in Japanese language)
Business day: Weekday without new years holiday and specific days.
Homepage:Information about Okonomiyaki classes in Tokyo area (Only available in the Japanese language)
Otafuku sauce official website(Only available in the Japanese language)


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