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How to get on the Toei Bus ~Tokyo~

Do you all know how to get on the Tokyo Metropolitan Bus?

The trains in Tokyo are well developed, and there are taxis has a position of an alternative method, but the bus is convenient that you can enjoy sightseeing while enjoying the view of the city.

Also, because buses can travel relatively long distances with relatively low fares, buses may be more advantageous than trains depending on the destination.

How to get a bus is slightly different between Tokyo and Osaka. This time, I will introduce how to get on the Tokyo Metropolitan Bus.

What should I do if I want to get on the bus?

First of all, find the bus stop if you want to get on the bus.

Many Bus stops are vary depending on the destination, so be careful if there are many bus stops.

The bus stops are marked like pillars showed in below picture.

At the bus stop, you can find the time schedule.

The white on the left is weekdays, the blue on the center is Saturday, and the red on the right is Sundays and national holidays.

The numbers on the left indicate times such as 13 o'clock (1 PM) and 14 o'clock (2 PM), and the numbers in each column mean minutes.

In other words, when you look at this table, it means that the bus will come at 9:29 am on a weekday.

There is also has a bus route, so it is a good idea to check here if your destination is listed.

Let's pay first when the bus arrives

When the bus arrives, ride from the front door. If there are people in front, please wait in line. Interruption is not good. It's moral.

So once the bus door opens, pay first the entrance. Within the 23 wards of Tokyo, flat fares for adults are ¥ 210 and children are ¥ 110. (At 2019)

In addition to cash, you can use an IC card such as PASMO or Suica.

When using banknotes, please be aware that only 1,000-yen bills are possible, and 5,000-yen and 10,000-yen bills can not be accepted.

When you are paying the fare with coins, there is a place to pay on the left side of the image (not shown in the image), so please put money there.

In the case of an IC card, touch the blue area. Payment is complete when you hear a short beep for two times. If you hear the long beep, ask drivers for next action.

In addition, when the balance of the IC card is low, it can also be charged on the bus, which is convenient.

When you pay by bill, there is a place to put the bill on the right side, so please do not forget to receive changes after insert bill into the machine.

After that, you can proceed to the middle of the bus. It is safer to sit if you have a seat.

Priority seats have a different color seat, so please hand over to the elderly and the person needs special assistance.

The inside of the car is like this.

Depends on the bus, there is also available that free Wi-Fi on the bus.

A sticker with "Toei Bus Free Wifi" is attached to the bus where Wi-Fi service is available.

Please refer to the official website for details.

What if you want to get off the bus at your destination bus stop?

"I want to get off at the destination bus stop!" If you think so, press this button before you get to the bus stop.

There are many buttons in the car.

It will glow red when pressed, so please press firmly until it glows red.

The exit is in the center of the bus. Once open the door, you can leave seats and get off. You don't have to hurry, so take your time at that time.

Once you get to your destination, your bus trip is over, but if you use a bus on the way back, we recommend that you check the timetable for your return.

"I've been waiting quite a while to get on the bus so I need to kill the time at somewhere!" When you notice those things, it might become an awful trip.

Because the bus is cheap and can travel a long distance, you can use the time more effectively if you care about the details.

What is the rule in the car?

As it is a public place, do not make loud noises or take a wide place with your luggage. Since many people use buses, it is important to be careful not to be offensive to each other.

Also, as mentioned above, there has priority seats and wheelchair seats. If you think that you should yield that seat, you can stand up that seat and yield it to these people. The atmosphere in the car will also become very good.

In addition, the bus often swings while driving, so please hold on to the handrails or straps if you are standing.

And, if you stop near the entrance or exit, it will be a nuisance to the people who come in and out, so if you have no place except there, please try not to trouble each other.

Detailed information

Name: Toei Bus

Phone number: +81 3-3816-5700

Home page: https://www.kotsu.metro.tokyo.jp/bus/


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